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A Wholesome & Natural Spring Clean In Five Simple Steps

March 13, 2020

Spring is knocking on our door! It’s only a matter of days before we can officially welcome the season of new beginnings…These early spring days hold something special, right?. And to most of us, it does something on the inside too – a little hunch to clean out, prepare, get ready for what’s ahead. Yes, I’m talking about spring cleaning here. And before you pull out your bucket of cleaning supplies from under the sink, I’ve got some easy steps for you to follow for a wholesome and natural spring clean!

Now I think spring cleaning is such a fun and wholesome tradition. The days get longer and it’s easy to use the renewed energy to get some deep cleaning done. It’s important to take some extra time looking after your home – after all it’s the place you probably spend most of your time and speaking for myself, I want that environment to be fresh and healthy.

So I’ve compiled a list of five simple steps that I follow year after year when I do my spring cleaning. By no means is this a ‘get your spring cleaning done in 1 hour’ type list. More so, this is a wholesome list to use as a guide when you have some time on your hands or a burst of motivation. By wholesome I mean we’ll be tackling indoor air quality, safe & healthy cleaning products and your indoor plants too.

Let’s get started, shall we?

A Wholesome & Natural Spring Clean In Five Simple Steps

1. Open your windows

Nothing like letting the fresh air flood in after a long winter of staying inside! Indoor air quality can be pretty poor if you don’t actively do something about it, and ventilating is the easiest way to improve it quickly. Give yourself a head start by opening up the windows and let the house breathe – and keep doing so (even just for a few minutes) every day. It might improve things like headaches and stuffiness straight away and will support your health and wellbeing in the long run too.

2. Declutter

You can do all the spring cleaning you want, but if you have a lot of clutter around, it can seem like an enormous task. Do a proper declutter (go room by room if you need to) and get rid of anything you don’t need or like anymore. Donate your items to a local thrift shop so someone else can give them a second life in their home.

Decluttering your house will not only help your head space, but also make it so much easier to clean your home and stay on top of it during the rest of the year. Who doesn’t want that?

3. Wash your bedding + duvet

This is one thing I often can’t wait for – washing all our pillows and duvets. You might not want to know about everything that lives inside our pillows, but you can trust me that you’ll want to wash them regularly! Spring is a perfect time for this as the sun warms up and can give a good hand in drying out your pillows. Sunshine also helps to bleach out any yellowing or stains & is a natural antibacterial treatment! Pretty cool huh? Obviously you should check your labels to see if your bedding is okay to go in the washing machine – alternatively, give it a good air out and some sunbathing.

Also make use of this time to air out your mattress – strip it and if you can, put it out in the sunshine.

4. Use natural cleaning products

Spring cleaning with conventional products is asking for unwanted guests in your home. Your regular cleaning products likely contain harmful substances like fragrances and harsh chemicals that can seriously affect your health. Do yourself, your health and the environment a favour and start using natural cleaners. It’s pretty easy too, below is a simple recipe to get started with:

A simple recipe for a natural spring cleaner

White vinegar
Citrus peels like orange or lemon
Woody herbs like thyme or rosemary

In a glass jar or bottle, add the citrus peels and herbs and cover with white vinegar. Let this soak for up to a month (but can already use after a day). To use, fill up a spray bottle with 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 water and shake to combine.

Vinegar is great for cleaning your bathroom as it works well with calcium build up and soap scum. You can use it on surfaces, windows and mirrors. It’s the acidity that makes it into such a good cleaner, but be careful on hard wood materials and sensitive countertops like marble or granite.

Other great natural cleaners are baking soda and green soap. If you’re more into buying a ready product, we’ve been loving the Attitude brand for eco and safe cleaning. Also, see this post for more inspiration to reduce waste and clean up your cleaning!

5. Look after your plants

Your indoor plants would love a little attention too – they are waking up from their dormant winter and are ready to put all their energy into new growth! They will certainly benefit from their own spring clean and little TLC to get them started on the best growing season. Read all about it in this post!

Hope this post has inspired you to get started on your spring cleaning. Let me know any thoughts or additions in the comments below!

x Eve

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