Tips For A Perfect Easter Brunch & Favourite Recipes

April 10, 2020

Easter is around the corner and to me, there’s nothing so good as an Easter brunch shared with family or friends. In a good year I would even put one on on multiple days – there’s no such thing as too many brunches, is there? And although this year things probably look very different for most of us – no inviting friends over – it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate well in a small way.

So i’m sharing some tips on how to put together the perfect little brunch for yourself, your family or housemates! Plus I collected some of my favourite brunch recipes that would be perfect for this Easter, including on how to make the perfect scrambled eggs. There’s french toast, cinnamon rolls, a savoury tart…something for everyone!

Let’s get started with some tips on how to put together the perfect brunch table 🙂

Tips For A Perfect Easter Brunch

1. Make Ahead

A brunch is about relaxing and taking time to enjoy food. No such thing as a stressful morning in the kitchen to ruin your idea of a nice brunch. Planning + making ahead as much as possible ensures a stress free morning of preparing. Make ahead any doughs, breads and sweets and just bake off in the morning. You could even set the table already if that helps you to take it easy!

2. Keep It Simple

Along the same lines as the previous point – keeping things simple keeps the stress away so you can really enjoy this time. If you’re serving brunch to just yourself or partner, just pick one or two of your favourite items and enjoy those to the full. Are you putting out a brunch for a big family or party of friends? Get some store bought items alongside your homemade ones, like bake off breads or ready to roll pastry. Add some fresh fruit and veggies like tomatoes that require no time to prep. You can also just ask whoever is joining you to bring their favourite brunch dish!

3. Take Time To Set The Table

A beautifully set table makes your brunch really special, even if you keep the food items real basic! This doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive: a simple linnen tablecloth, a bunch of tulips, some wooden planks or cute bowl…Use what you have and just get creative! It always really helps to put jams, cream cheese etc in a cute bowl or glass jar. Check out my Pinterest Inspiration Board for some simple ideas to bring your brunch table to the next level.

Now for the recipes! I’ve gathered some of my favourite brunch recipes, so you can make this Easter a special one despite the unusual circumstances. This is also the perfect opportunity get some good quality produce, breads and coffee from local small business owners to support them through this time. Some of my favourites here in The Netherlands are Stooker Coffee, Lindenhoff & Fort Negen.

Let’s get inspired!

My Favourite Easter Brunch Recipes

1. Scrambled Eggs

What’s Easter without eggs? Scrambled eggs are so easy to make: melt in the mouth ribbons of eggy goodness on top of lovely sourdough bread. Yum! Be sure to check out this simple guide to scrambled eggs perfection every time.

2. Overnight Cinnamon Rolls

Roll out of bed and let the oven do ALL the hard work with these overnight cinnamon rolls that also happen to be vegan. Make them ahead the night before for the ultimate lazy brunch morning. They’re soft, scrumptious and way healthier than most recipes out there. These will definitely feature on our table this year!

3. Blood Orange & Thyme French Toast

French toast has got to be up there for favourite brunch ideas! This recipe features blood oranges which instantly gives this dish a special twist. For the ultimate Easter taste, use stale buttery croissants, Easter stollen (a Dutch raisin almond bread) or brioche. See the recipe for all the details!

4. Caramelised Onion Tart with Cheese

Are you more into a savoury brunch? This caramelised onion tart is easy to whip up and mild enough to add to your brunch table. It’s a real eye catcher and easy to share! Swap the blue cheese for a soft goats cheese for the perfect Easter touch and enjoy!

5. Beetroot Ginger Juice

No brunch table is complete without some good juice. And why not swap the traditional orange juice for something a little more interesting? We are loving this beetroot ginger juice that is just full of goodness. Add more carrots for a sweeter alternative if you prefer to keep it light in the morning. If you’re more into smoothies, why not give this delicious green smoothie a go? For a brunch, keep the servings small (and keep the rest of the juice or smoothie in the fridge for a simple snack later in the day).

Bonus: How To Make Better Coffee At Home

Pouring coffee in a cup.

No brunch without good coffee (in my humble opinion, but I think all coffee drinkers would agree)! Want to up your coffee game and get the best brew you possibly can? Check out this post with all my home brewing tips for delicious coffee every time.

Wishing you a great Easter weekend – stay safe and realise how blessed we are to have food on the table 🙂

x Eve

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