Ella’s First Birthday – A Spring Garden Party

June 6, 2019

Recently we got to celebrate our daughter’s first birthday! It was a beautiful spring day – the sun was out and we celebrated with a little lunch get together with our close friends & family. In this post I’d love to share some moments and inspiration with you!

First of all – and it’s so cliche but also SO true – we can’t believe our little bubba is already one year old. ONE year! And although I thought I would never be ready for it, I actually was and I’m fully embracing this new stage of my baby not being such a baby anymore 🙂

We opted to host the party at my parents house as we only live in a small apartment which would be easily overcrowded. My mum and dad have a beautiful garden that just looks stunning at this time of year (all credit to them for putting so much effort & love into it). Garden parties have always been my favourite; they are so relaxing & naturally pretty!

For decorations, I went for a simple, natural style with soft green & whites to suit the garden setting. We put up flag bunting throughout the garden which provided an instant celebration mood! The flags I made myself last year and we’ve been using them for different celebrations and nursery decor. They should last us a long time and it’s a great way to use leftover fabric!

We also thought it would be fun to create a photo ‘gallery’ with some of our favourite pictures from her first year of life. It was nice to celebrate and to look back on some special memories!

The simple cloth garland backdrop was made with long strips of green fabric. As finishing touches we added a mix of wild picked & market bought flowers, again in shades of white and green.

And a (lunch) party obviously needs food! To keep things easy, we served a buffet style lunch. My mum made a lovely sweet potato & red pepper soup that went down really well. We served a stack of Turkish bread sandwiches with different fillings. I also baked some scones and served those with fresh berries, jam & cream. Yum!

Then for the most fun moment of the party – it was (smash) cake time! After a birthday song and candle blowing Ella carefully poked her fingers in the frosting. To everyones amusement it took her a few moments before she realised she could actually eat the thing in front of her. But when she did, she went for it! Such a fun moment. I wanted it to be a relatively healthy cake, so I made it using my naturally sweetened & dairy free banana bread recipe. The frosting was made with coconut cream. Totally responsible but also very delicious. (Dan might have eaten the leftovers)

For the adults I made a very similar cake – using a banana cake recipe – but I made this one a little more sweet! I also added a cream cheese filling & frosting and topped it with strawberries.

We had a real fun time – there was lots of smiles, playing & eating and it made for a special day celebrating our now one year old girl. My heart is full.

x Eve

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