Our Favourite Baby Items For Age 6-12 Months

March 29, 2019

All the cliches about babies are so true. Especially the ones about them growing up so (too?) quickly. It’s pretty much time to start planning Eleanor’s first birthday party and I’m not sure I’m quite ready for that! At the same time, this age is so much fun as she really starts exploring and her personality comes out more and more! I’m trying to take in every moment I can.

Today I’ll be sharing some of the baby items we have been loving during this 6-12 month phase. We tend to lean to a more minimalist lifestyle and don’t want to purchase lots of different things. These next few items we have found very useful and well worth our money!

Obviously every family and baby is different and thankfully there’s a lot of useful products available to suit various needs! But there’s also lots of marketing out there to try and push products that you really can do without. I like to keep things simple where we can – you really don’t need that many things for your baby or child!

Having said that, these are the items we use all the time and really like. Here you go!

6 of Our Favourite Baby Items age 6-12 months

Drinking – Munchkin Miracle 360

It’s like drinking straight from a cup, but then in a no-mess way. I like this cup so much because the drinking technique is pretty much the same as drinking from a cup, which is what we are working towards. It took Ella about a day before she got the hang of it, but from then onwards she was able to drink herself. So far we haven’t had any spills (whether upside down in a bag or lying on it’s side) except for when thrown on the floor with a bang. We like the one with the handles for easy holding.

Eating – Foldable Silicone Bib with pocket

Introducing solids can get messy, especially when you follow baby led weaning! I found these so handy as they rinse right of after every meal & snack time and the little ‘pocket’ catches any food that drops. When Ella realised her dropped food was right there she would reach in with her hand and pick it up again (so cute). These bibs also roll right up so they take up little space in our baby bag.

Teething & Bath – Oli & Carol Origami Boat

This little boat is made out of natural rubber and perfect for biting and sucking on. It’s very light and squishy and floats too, so it doubles as a bath toy. I like that it’s totally made from a natural and toxic free material and therefore safe as a teething toy. They come in different soft pastel colours and look really cute!

Reading – The very hungry caterpillar + Piep piep met Fiep (Dutch)

Two books here as we are a bilingual family – these are definitely favourites! ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ is a great classic and the ‘big big boardbook’ version is really fun for this age! Ella loves looking through the different sized pages and vibrant colours.

Our Dutch favourite book has been ‘Piep piep met Fiep’. I’ve read this to her from about 6 months old and while she first responded to all the colourful pictures and the sounds I was making, soon she started trying to imitate the sounds and chat along. Winner!

Driving – Maxi Cosi Car seat

At some point during this age your baby will probably grow out of their baby car seat. We got ourselves a follow up seat that grows along for the next couple of years. This seat has great reviews and safety features, but we love it mainly because it twists around! I can put my child in real easily without having to bend over to secure her. It’s a lifesaver for my back and just so much less fiddling around.

Protecting – Baby Banz Earmuffs

These protective headphones are really great if you find yourself in loud environments and need some protection for your babies ears. We use them at church and at events, but they also come in really handy in public transport, airplanes etc to mute loud noises and help her stay asleep. The headband is adjustable and they are suitable for ages 3-36 months. These muffs are very comfortable and come in a variety of colours (we went with a crazy pattern just for fun).

That’s it! These products would also make really great gifts for new parents as they might already have everything they need for their newborn but not so much yet for this age!

Have you got anything to add to this lists? Favourite items you could not do without?

*This post is in no way sponsored but does contain affiliate links 🙂

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