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Five Reasons To Go Thrifting + Some Of My Favourite Thrift Shop Finds

September 20, 2019

Yes! I’m getting to share about thrifting today, which is something I’m quite passionate about…It’s such an easy way to make a positive change on the world around you – something a lot of us are trying to achieve. I’ll be giving you five main reasons why you might want to get into thrifting – or if you are already, inspire you to do more so.

But first, I’d love to share some of my recent favourite finds. I find it real fun and inspiring to see what others find. These items I found over the last few months and I love what they add to our new home. They’re nothing special in a way, but it shows you what you can easily find & use!

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  1. Cast Iron Poffertjes Pan (50 cents) – This is a proper old school Dutch poffertjes pan, and it’s perfect for this little kids season of life! Cast iron pans and pots are so great to get second hand as they clean up perfectly well and may last you for the rest of your life as they are super durable. Lots of poffertjes it is!
  2. Baskets (0,50-3 euros) – Baskets are really in style at the moment, and I love adding them to pretty much every room or storage space in our home! So no wonder I picked these up. I seem to find new ones every time so I might not be quite finished yet.
  3. Jean jacket (3 euros) – I actually have been looking for a jean jacket for a while, and all of a sudden the perfect one was hanging right there on the rack in front of me. It’s slightly oversized (perfect), little worn but still in great condition, it has a little stretch in the fabric and fun details to make it stand out. I’ve worn it thrown over a summers’ dress and can’t wait to keep wearing it during autumn.
  4. Backpack (2 euros)This canvas backpack was to fun to leave behind! It’s soft light shade works with any summer outfit, and it’s become my go to bag when I go out! In winter I could easily hang it up to look pretty on the wall, while storing some toys or scarves.
  5. Rotan Round (50 cents)I fell in love with this first sight! It’s the perfect decor piece for a minimal natural home. I love the brown shades of colour, the condition and style. I don’t think I ever want to part with it! Ha.
  6. Mini Chairs (2,50 euros) – Now these are just fun, right? One is a doll size, one is a toddler size. As baby & kids stuff just gets used for a little while, I’m all for trying to get these kind of things second hand where I can. These add a lovely natural touch to our home and I can’t wait to see our girl sitting and reading books in it.

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Okay, are you ready for the main part? Let’s go, five reasons why you should go thrift shopping:

Five Top Reasons To Go Thrifting

1. Thrifting Is Sustainable

Probably the main reason for me – by avoiding to buy a new item but rather re-using an item, it’s a double win: the new item doesn’t have to be manufactured (which saves on raw materials, energy costs, packaging & transport) and the old item doesn’t end up in the trash (which helps lowering waste). Thrifting equals recycling. It reduces your carbon footprint & is therefore a great way to be more sustainable.

2. Thrifting Is Economical

No-one ever complained about saving money, right? Most thrift store prices are way under anything you’d buy new without having to compromise on quality. And actually, I’ve found that a lot of things nowadays are produced very cheaply, whereas older pieces are often made in much better quality. Thrift shopping is not just for people with little to spend – it’s for everyone who wants to save money.

3. Thrifting Is Ethical

Buying items second hand- especially clothing – is a great way to shop more ethical. I’m not perfect at this, but any pre-loved item of clothing I find (and wear!) avoids the fast fashion industry. There’s nothing pretty about fast fashion, from the manufacturing up until the way it ends up in landfills. Any way to go around that should excite you, and thrifting second hand clothing is a great option to do so.

4. Thrifting Offers Unique Pieces

Entering a thrift shop is like going on a treasure hunt! You can find the most beautiful & unique items second hand – some might be old, some brand new. They may be handmade by someone or travelled from far. I always love finding these pieces as they add lots of character and charm to our home!

5. Thrifting Helps Your Community

Most thrift stores over here have some sort of charity attached top it, or they provide a social workplace for those who otherwise might be without work. By shopping at a thrift store you are supporting these initiatives and (part of) the proceeds are helping people in need.

Hope these reasons give you enough motivation to go thrifting at your local store, market or online! I’d love to know what your main reason for thrifting is? Or why you don’t thrift? Let me know in the comments below!

x Eve

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