5 x Free Home Decor Ideas For Late Summer & Fall (Natural & Neutral)

September 12, 2020

This time of year has got to be one of my favourites. When summer merges into autumn, when we pull out the jeans and sweaters yet are still surprised by burst of warm days to soak up that late summer sun. Some trees are starting to show off their autumnal colours, there’s pumpkin spiced everything and then those crisp, early mornings! Ahh. For me this time of year always comes with a yearning to make our home cozy inside. I am giving you some free home decor ideas for late summer going into fall to make your home inviting & cozy for this season, while keeping it minimal & natural. Let’s get started!

Now there’s so many ways to decorate your home and you can go as crazy as your like – but I am always looking for neutral and quite minimal decor to keep clutter and distractions down while making our space inviting. And I love using natural materials for that! I’ve been steering away from buying fresh flowers this season (I LOVE fresh flowers, but not so much the often unsustainable & unethical background), yet dried flowers and other natural materials are such great alternatives! You can obviously buy those in the shop, but personally, I find it way more fun, creative and sustainable to source my own. You won’t have to buy any new products and can compost them when you’re done!

I’m giving some free home decor ideas here but you can take it from there: create a beautiful wreath, a simple arrangement in a vase or an upside bundle hanging on a hook. There’s no limits to how to incorporate these – get creative and give your own spin to your home!

While we’re at it, make sure to try out this Healthier Pumpkin Bread to soak up all of the autumn feels! Perfect with a cup of tea and some fun DIY decorating around the house.

Now, let’s dive into it, shall we?

Five Free Home Decor Ideas For Late Summer & Fall (Natural & Neutral)

1. Dried Lavender Bunches

Around this time of year many lavender blooms have finished flowering and are cut back. If you grow some lavender in your garden, you can cut your own or just ask any of your gardening friends to save you some! Simply tie the flowers into a bunch with some rope and hang upside down to dry. Perfect for hanging in your closet to hang on to that summer feeling just a little longer and keep your clothes smelling fresh. Or hang a bunch next to your bed for its calming effect to promote better sleep and relaxation!

2. Flowy Grasses

These are ever popular and for good reason! They give height, movement and an effortless chique look to any room in your home. Buying pampus (style) grasses can be pretty pricey but there’s enough beautiful grasses around to cut & dry your own! There’s many growing next to water areas – pick the fullest, nicest looking grasses and leave them to dry in a vase. I simply reused a brown glass bottle and created the perfect piece for our bedroom. These look good year round and they’ll last a long time.

3. Dried Poppy Seed Pods

Poppies are amongst my favourite flowers – but once they’ve shown off their petals they aren’t quite done just yet! They produce gorgeous seed heads that you can easily find and dry to display in your home. These are just so pretty and will add warmth and interest to your space – whether that be on your nightstand, on a wall or entryway. Put them in vase, hang them up in a bunch or arrange with other flowers. Bonus – save the seeds inside for sowing to share the joy!

4. Hydrangea Flowers

Hydrangeas have the most abundant flower heads that dry up so well & easy! Once dried, they show off gorgeous shades of pinks, browns and warm reds that will bring a little fall feeling straight into your home. Simply cut off some blooms before they start to wilt or brown, and display them in a vase without water and you’re done! These are also really pretty when dried between a few sheets of paper (weighted down by a heavy book) to frame or stick on a wrapped present. Many people grow these plants in their garden and there’s a ton of varieties, so look around and don’t be afraid to ask someone if you don’t have a hydrangea bush yourself.

5. Framed Fall Leaves

How can I not feature the ‘ordinary’ tree leaves with all their warm & magical colours? Go outside, pick up the prettiest fall leaves you can find and dry them in between some sheets of paper, weighed down by a heavy book. Framing leaves them really puts them in the spotlight and will create instant autumn vibes to your home! Such an easy and fun free home decor project.

Check out the DIY for these floating bedside tables here!

All your have to do now is pull out the knit blankets, bake some apple pie & lit a candle and you’re ready to soak up the autumnal bliss. And if you need to get more into the mood, check out my Pinterest Autumn board for ALL the fall vibes!

Which one is your favourite? Let me know if you try any of these by commenting down below or tagging me on Instagram @Eatyourdailygreens!

xo Eve

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