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Get Your Houseplants Ready For Spring!

February 27, 2019

Even though it’s officially still winter, spring is definitely in the air over here! The weather turned from cloudy & grey to exceptionally warm en sunny for this time of year. You don’t hear me complaining! I’ve been throwing the windows open and moved my morning coffee moment outside to the balcony. We’d better make the most of it while we can – you never know if the Dutch winter makes a sneaky come back before it says goodbye for the year.

My houseplants are now slowly awakening from their winter hibernating. The days are getting longer & they respond with new fresh growth. After a winter season indoors, with the heating on and not much daylight, they could benefit from a little love and care. It’s time to help my plants wake up and enable them to happily grow in this new season!

Before we get started, just a little basic plant care note. Different plants have different needs – a succulent does not like the same treatment as your monstera – so keep that in mind when taking care of them. When one of my plants is unhappy, I always like to look up where they originate from and what environment they need. The amount of light and watering are often the main things I’d look into, before repotting, fertilising etc. Moving a plant from a sunny window to a darker spot can sometimes be all it takes!

I’m sharing some simple steps I’m taking to look after my house plants in spring. By investing a little of your time and energy, you’ll get to enjoy your plants a whole lot more.

Let’s get started!

Get Your Houseplants Ready For Spring

1. Re-arrange & Refine

The change of light and temperatures calls for some re-arranging. Some plants might need a spot further away from a sunny window to thrive, where others benefit from a bit more daylight. I move my plants around to find their sweet spot & create a fresh look for my home.

Sometimes it’s time to let a plant go. If a plant has outgrown my house or just isn’t happy, I’m better of giving it away or throwing it out and composting it. I am sadly going to say goodbye to my avocado plant that I grew from a seed seven years ago – as much as I love it it just looks unhappy most of the time and it’s really outgrowing our apartment (it’s a TREE after all). Focus on the plants you have and love them well 🙂

2. Re-pot & Top up with soil

Next, I take a look at the root system of my plants – are they root bound? They might benefit from a new pot so they can keep growing. Always go for a clean, new pot (wash it out with soap and hot water) and only size up by a centimeter or two to help them thrive. Some plants just need a little top up with fresh soil to cover any bare roots.

3. Prune & Trim

Houseplants don’t always take too well to our dry winter indoor air. Spring is the perfect time to trim and prune as there’s a season of growing coming up. I take away any browning or yellowing leaves & stems. Most plants will also do well with a bit of pruning – so I cut back quite a bit to keep the bigger plants in check & encourage new growth!

4. Dust & Shower

After a full winter, it’s time to get those leaves dust free and shining bright! Use a soft, damp cloth to dust of the leaves. Tropical plants will love a shower (I always make sure the water pressure is low to avoid damaging the plant!) or alternativey, an hour in the rain outside. Dust-free leaves can breathe properly and in turn help to improve the indoor air quality, so I find this a really important step.

My Philondendron Cordatum taking a shower to freshen up.

5. Feed & Water

Growing makes hungry! I don’t fertilise my plants in late autumn and winter, so they are a little hungry when spring comes around. They will benefit from a good feeding. Use an (organic) fertiliser specific for houseplants and follow the instructions on the label. It’s always best to underfeed a little as overfeeding can cause root burn. Recently repotted plants don’t need feeding straight away as the soil is still full of nutrients. Also water your plants regularly to help them thrive!

Spending a little time looking after my plants will help them look their best which in turn creates such a lovely & warm home. It’s worth your time!

Let me know if you have any tips to add to the list! Would love to hear from you 🙂

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