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Hello 2020 + Plant Based January

January 9, 2020

First of all, Happy New Year friends! Thank you for sticking around and being part of this little online corner. Wishing you a year full of new growth, joy & health with your loved ones!

I hope you join me this year again at Eat Your Daily Greens, on this journey towards wholesome living – both for ourselves, our families & our planet! There’s a lot more content coming your way this year to get inspired by for your every day life. I will keep on writing new recipes as well as share about sustainability, family life and DIY’s. Some of the content will be more personal & home focused as we finish renovating our house (and I will hopefully get to show you some more end results!) and start on shaping our garden!

In a way this blog really reflects my life, and I always want it to be real, authentic & personal.

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A Plant Based January & 2 Favourite Recipe Books

As we continue our own ‘journey to wholesome living’, we decided to get this new year started with a ‘plant based January’ (and as I just figured out, there’s an actual word for that: Veganuary. Ha!). Our main aim is to figure out what it’s like to eat fully plant based – how that practically works for our family in everyday life and how we physically & emotionally feel after a month! It’s also a moment to reset some of our habits and customs.

There’s two books that I really love to navigate this different way of cooking & eating – for both simple recipes & learning new things! I’ll share them with you as they’ve been such a big help and inspiration for us.

Starting off with a very practical and accessible book: ‘Recipes for Happiness‘ by The Happy Pear (and there’s a Dutch version too!). This book is written by twin brothers David & Stephen and is chock full of easy, quick & tasty plant based recipes. Why I love this book is because and very understandable and accessible ingredients. Perfect for everyday cooking. Can’t wait to try their chocolate mousse or breakfast burrito’s!

Then there’s ‘At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen‘ by Amy Chaplin that I’ve been loving for it’s depth and new insights! I originally borrowed this book from a friend, but I realised very soon I wanted to have my own copy to reference all the great information about ingredients and preparation guides. Aside from the beautiful photography, this book is bursting with new ingredients, recipes and cooking styles…it’s very refreshing! Definitely recommend this one if you’d like to dive deeper into cooking whole foods.

I’m pretty sure there’s going to be lots of creativity happening in our kitchen in 2020. Aside from finishing our kitchen set up by tiling the back wall and getting this blender on our counter top (we’ve been eye-ing it for a long while now and it’s about time to make the investment), I’m pretty sure this new year will be delicious!

(there’s a sourdough starter developing as we speak. more to follow soon)

x Eve

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  • Reply Jolande January 9, 2020 at 2:40 pm

    Ah Perfect! I was looking for some direction/books to help me on my journey to becoming more plant based, so thanks for the inspiration! I love your posts, they are so authentic, keep up the good work!

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