Our New Home Renovation – Part II

October 11, 2019

A LOT of work has happened here over the last few months. After those initial weeks of demolition, ground work & pipe configurations, we got to build things back up. Slowly but surely this building site was turning into our home. Wow. There wasn’t much left of that old, smoke stained house and obviously we’re quite happy about that! Writing some details for you today so you can follow our process. And if you haven’t read the initial story, make sure to check out “Our New Home Renovation – Part I“!

Remember that dark blue bathroom (with pretty much nothing operational in it)? Well glad to see it gone! Our builder took care of the bathroom and toilets, so we didn’t involve too much work for us other than sourcing materials. It’s quite a small bathroom so we went for a basic set up with neutral colours to keep it as spacious as possible. The tiles on the walls are a rectangular baked tile in white. For the floor, we opted for an Italian speckled stone tile in off white to match the original terazzo floor (that we sadly couldn’t keep). Underneath those tiles we got a floor heating system installed – so lush!

There’s a LOT of woodwork in this house – and all of that had to be primed & painted. Everything was initially tinged yellow and brown from years of smoking and neglect – we opted to paint it all in shades of white to make it super fresh and neutral. Exception are the doors for the build in wardrobes; those still need to be painted (I just haven’t decided on which shade to go for, haha). I’d love to give those a soft shade of sand or grey to add some subtle interest to them.

The walls were in a pretty bad state after the old wallpaper was removed and all the new pipework was put in. Downstairs we had some walls professionally plastered but to keep costs down, we didn’t get the whole house done (it saved us a couple of thousands). We tried a few different things, including wallpapering (which we didn’t like the result of), and ended up going for an ‘easy’ DIY plaster option: we filled up all the holes and then plastered a very thin layer on top to smooth things out. It was a lot of work for a newbie plasterer like myself but the results are definitely worth it! Saved us a stack of cash and the walls are looking tight! Win!

It was time to put the floors in – only days before our moving date – and we picked a beautiful oak floor for downstairs. A wooden floor high was high on my wish lists for quite some years & it was such a joy to put it down. For upstairs & the attic, we picked a similar style in laminate flooring to keep the budget in check.

We were very happy with the results as it gave us a blank canvas to make into our home. It was a race against the clock (the electrics were only connected the night before moving), but thanks to some amazing people who helped us SO much, everything was finished enough to be moving in and start making this place into our home 🙂

There’s a lot more renovating work happening as we’ve started work on the garden, our new kitchen will be installed soon and I’m renovating the staircase…But I love how it’s shifting slowly to more decorating & creating a homely space rather than rough work. Stay updated by subscribing to my blog below!

Eve x

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