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How To Make Your Clothes Last Longer

October 30, 2019

Our favourite jeans, that knitted jumper that fits so perfect – some clothing pieces we’d wish would last us forever! With the right attitude & care you will be able to love your clothes for longer. This is important because the quick turnover of clothing is just not okay.

With fast fashion we’re polluting our planet in a high rate, and we’re really not doing anyone any favours. The more I’m clueing myself up about this industry, the more I realise I need to make a change. Now, this is me on a journey, in no way perfect, but I’m discovering and adjusting. I found that the easiest ways to start is to get second hand clothing (clothing swaps or thrifted) and to make the clothes you already own last you longer.

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So, I’m sharing some practical ways to look after the things you have in your wardrobe!

6 Tips To Make Your Clothing Last Longer

1. Invest into longterm quality pieces

Fast fashion items are not the top of the class when it comes to quality. Cheaply made clothes often wear out quickly too. The amount of shirts I owned that had holes in them after only wearing them a couple of times….it’s frustrating! Your clothes will last a lot longer if they’re quality made – with better quality fabrics that can stand a bit of wear. When you invest into more timeless items they also won’t be subjected to the crazy ‘trend’ world we live in and can still be great in many years time.

2. Wash Less & Wash at a Lower Temperature

If your clothes aren’t stained or smelly, they might not need to be thrown in the laundry basket just yet! Washing cycles do agitate & put friction on your clothes and can fade colours. Try to wear clothes multiple times before washing them and wash at a lower temperature. Opt for airing out in between instead!

3. Air dry

It’s almost too simple, but it’s so effective. Air drying is less abrasive on the fabrics & elastic parts of your clothes than tumble drying, and it’s gentler on the environment too! So if it isn’t pouring outside, hang your clothes on the line & let the fresh air do it’s work.

4. Don’t Use Fabric Softeners

Fabric softeners are neither good for you, your clothes or the environment. Add a bit of white vinegar to your last rinse cycle instead – it will help remove soap residue and make your clothes come out softer! I made this swap years ago and I will never go back to overscented synthetical softeners now.

5. Learn how to tailor & mend your own clothing

This is a big one – most us don’t really know these basic skills nowadays. Since I taught myself how to use a sewing machine (and it really isn’t that hard), I’ve been able to fix & alter my own clothes which means I get way more use out of them! It’s too easy to just get rid of clothes that are not quite right anymore (if it didn’t cost you much, you probably won’t care as much)…but with little effort you can mend and alter your own clothes. It’s very satisfying too!

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6. Use a Fabric Razor

Now, I have to say that I was really cynic about this thing, until my husband ordered one and I tried it out. Seriously, it made my wardrobe feel totally new! Do you see the difference in that photo? Shirts that I hadn’t worn because they were kinda ‘blah’, looked totally fresh and new again after just a few minutes of using that device. We have this one and it’s just such a great little tool. It can really breathe new life into the (older) clothes that are right there in your closet.

So that’s it from my side! I would love to know what your favourite tips & tricks are too – looking forward to learning from you…Comment them below!

x Eve

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