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April 24, 2020

When I got asked to test and review one of’s meat boxes, I was totally up for it! Ever since we went vegan for a month, we decided to incorporate meat back into our diet, but only about once a week and from a good source. But how do you really know where the (organic) meat in the supermarket or butcher comes from? offers traceable, local and organic meat boxes, delivered to your door. That sounds like the perfect fit for our lifestyle, so I was excited to try this out. In this post I’ll be sharing with you how it works and my experience + honest review too! is part of Grutto, which is also home to, among others. Their aim is to make high quality, traceable meat widely available and convenient. To eat less, but better quality meat. You get to buy a share of a specific animal from a specific farm. Once the whole animal is sold, the animal will be butchered, the meat aged and portioned and then delivered in a package to your door. From there you can keep it in your freezer (it should all fit into one drawer) so you always have high quality welfare meat on hand. They don’t use any E-numbers or fillers so the meat is all natural.

I have tried out Grutto’s Christmas turkey before and that was a big hit – so naturally my expectations are high. I’m hoping for this to be the answer to our more sustainable meat goals! The high reviews on the website are very promising so let’s see if it’s as good at it sounds. Let’s get started, shall we?

How it works

On you have a range of boxes to choose from. You either opt for organic or regular, and go for a convenient style box (with lots of burgers, mince meat etc) or a more premium or ‘luxe’ package.

The Bio Luxe pakket I’m reviewing here has got 15 different products with a total of 8,4 kilograms of meat! It’s priced at €149,95, which comes down to €17,80 per kilo. That is actually a really good price for organic meat, considering there’s some very premium cuts in there! Very similar to supermarket organic meat prices. With this packet, you can adjust the portions of minced meat products to your preference (like adding more hamburgers and less sausages). I selected the standard option to see how that would work out.

My specific cow is a Blaarkop cow with number nr. 8318 from Boer Joost Vrolijk. This farmer is real passionate about looking after the planet and his animals! There’s a background story about every farm + farmer, which makes it real transparant where the cow comes from.

Once ordered, you get a confirmation email with the details. From here on, you’ll receive email updates from every step of the process: when the whole cow is sold (which in my case only took one more day), gets transported to be butchered and aged, and then a notification that your box will be delivered!


The box got delivered to our door by a refrigerated van. We had a little unboxing session with the family – my husband got especially excited, haha! There was actually a lot more meat in the box than I thought there would be, even though there’s a clear list on the website. Steaks, sausages, cote the boeuf, entrecote, stewing cuts, burgers…Enough to last us for a long time! Everything was neatly packaged and clearly labeled.

Even though i had no idea how to fit this in our already pretty stuffed freezer – with a bit of clever packing I got it all in one drawer! We only have a small freezer but the vacuum sealed packaging helps a lot as it takes up very little space.

Taste Testing

It’s time to give this meat a good taste test! I decided to try out some ‘basic’ meat items first and opt for a more premium cut the week after.

To begin with, we prepared some hamburgers and chipolata sausages. And wow. To be honest, I didn’t expect much from a simple burger and sausage, but these were packed with flavour! We found that we didn’t need much of it as a result, a little meat went a long way. It was delicious.

For the premium cut, I picked the bavette (flank steak) as this is one of our favourites (we actually served this at our wedding dinner!). I cooked it for a little date night in and kept things really simple to be able to review it well. I didn’t use any marinades or herbs other than a little butter and salt + pepper and served it with some simple roasted potatoes and veg. This cut was also superb. We enjoyed every bit of it – it had a proper bite but was juicy at the same time and again, packed with flavour! It’s like eating high quality restaurant meat at home. The portion size was perfect for us – they aren’t massive but because of the texture and flavour it is very satisfying. Review + Discount Code

I think you guessed that we really love this meat box! It is the answer to our conscious meat consumption wishes: traceable, welfare meat combined with a super convenient service at the same time. The quality and flavour of the meat is miles apart from any (organic) supermarket meat I’ve ever had and doesn’t contain any E-numbers or unneeded additives. That plus the fact that you are supporting small, passionate farmers is a big bonus. I also think the price is really fair and actually a great deal, especially considering all the premium cuts you receive. It’s pretty much a no brainer for us and we are hooked!

It is the answer to our conscious meat consumption wishes: traceable, welfare meat combined with a super convenient service at the same time.

Negatives? It is a little bit of an investment ahead of time, like doing a massive grocery shop to stock up your pantry. So even if the price does work out great in my opinion, you do need to invest that in one go, which is not easy for everyone. Luckily there’s different boxes available, and they are starting from €64,95. Also, I would love to have the option to add some things like bones or knuckles to make some high quality bone broth. That would fit in the ‘kop-tot-staart’ philosophy but I understand that’s not for everybody 🙂

All in all, it’s safe to say that we are big fans of both the concept and the flavour, and we would highly recommend you giving this a go! You can use code 5dc541decc111 at checkout to get a 5 euro discount on your first purchase at Grutto. Enjoy!

x Eve

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