Our Current Coffee Set Up At Home

January 10, 2019

Life as a new mom has definitely made me more thankful for my morning cup of coffee. While I’ve never been one to drink coffee for it’s caffeine ‘to get me through the day’, every bit helps when your little one keeps you up during the night hours!

For years I’ve worked as a barista with specialty coffee. And while I love a good espresso, at home we stick to the more gentle filter brewing. With filter coffee it’s a lot easier to get a good extraction (meaning yummy coffee) with simple tools. Contrary to an espresso, filter coffee becomes better when it’s cooled down a little and brings out so much of the character of the beans you use. We love sharing a cup together on our mornings off, especially when there’s cinnamon rolls involved!

Over the years I’ve used many different tools and methods, both at home and at work. Recently, we’ve simplified to only our favourite tools and we’re really happy with our set up. Here’s the things we use and love most:

Grinder – Baratza Encore

Freshly ground coffee definitely wins over pre ground – if you want to step up your coffee game, invest into a proper grinder! We got this one a few years ago and are loving it for it’s affordability and quality.

Scales – Hario Drip Scale

While there’s many fancy coffee scales on the market, we like this simple Hario Scale. It has precision up to milligrams and has a build-in timer – both things I would look for in good scales. They double up as kitchen scales too, which means one less tool needed in the kitchen!

Filter – Kalita Wave

This pourover filter is definitely my favourite brewing method! It has a flat bottom and wave filters which makes for a great extraction of the coffee. Pretty much yummy coffee every time.

Pouring Kettle

Now my kettle is a well treasured one – it was a lovely gift a friend brought back from Japan. I actually don’t know it’s make so I won’t be able to tell you which one it is! I love the slow flow which gives you lots of control while pouring. Alternatively, this one is a versatile classic model.


We recently got these new coffee mugs and they are our new favourites! These cups are beautifully designed and locally crafted in Utrecht. I personally love the soft natural shades.

On the go – Kinto Tumbler

This thermos coffee tumbler is perfect for any morning commute, outing or even at home (momhack to not be drinking cold coffee). It doesn’t leak so you can toss it in your bag and keeps your coffee hot for hours!

Travel – Aeropress

When travelling we pretty much always bring our trusty Aeropress along. It easily fits in your luggage and, along with a small hand grinder, you’re all set. With this metal filter you won’t need to bring any paper filters along either.

Now, this set up won’t be complete without mentioning the most important thing – the coffee itself. When it comes to coffee, taste preferences are vastly different – but do some exploring and find a local roaster to get your beans from. If you can, go for freshly roasted whole beans (find a date on the packaging) and detailed information about where the coffee is from. We personally love the coffee from our friends at Stooker Roasting Co here in Amsterdam (and they do ship internationally!). They are passionate about their coffee and you can definitely tell!

So this is our current set up at home. Let me know if you have anything to add – would love to hear from you!

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