• Recipes

    Christmas Recipe Inspiration at Lindenhoff

    For this post I’ve teamed up with Lindenhoff to share about their delicious, chef developed recipes for this Christmas. Christmas dinners excite me – to cook something extra special to share with loved ones…

    December 6, 2019
  • Recipes

    Simple Roasted Winter Veg

    These dark, late autumn days ask for lots of comfort food in our home. Think of something comforting and we’ll be eating it: chilli, risotto, curry, Dutch stampot…and lots of seasonal produce that we’ll…

    November 23, 2019
  • Green Living

    How To Make Your Clothes Last Longer

    Our favourite jeans, that knitted jumper that fits so perfect – some clothing pieces we’d wish would last us forever! With the right attitude & care you will be able to love your clothes…

    October 30, 2019
  • Home

    Our New Home Renovation – Part II

    A LOT of work has happened here over the last few months. After those initial weeks of demolition, ground work & pipe configurations, we got to build things back up. Slowly but surely this…

    October 11, 2019
  • Recipes

    Almond Rice Pudding with Grilled Stone Fruits

    Oh September. All of a sudden you were here! You came with crisp, hazy mornings and the smell of autumn. And even though I’m still longing for some late summer days, I’m looking forward…

    September 7, 2019
  • Home

    Our New Home Renovation – Part I

    It’s been a rather hectic time for our family. We bought a home, sold our old home, planned a renovation and then made that renovation happen and finally, we moved – ALL within the…

    August 26, 2019