How To Make A Rustic Christmas Wreath

December 13, 2019

The moment December comes around, I’m always itching to make a Christmas wreath. The smell of those beautiful wintergreens bring you instant Christmas vibes and it makes for the perfect project to transition from autumn into winter. In this post I’ll share how I made this rustic Christmas wreath that’s perfect to grace your front entrance during this season.

Wreath making is always better together – this year my mum and I got together and we loved spending time getting creative! The smell of wintergreens, some good chats and a lovely cup of tea is very good for the soul indeed.

Over the last few years I’ve always opted for a modern, minimal style wreath to hang in our hallway entrance. I love the clean & understated look for an indoor wreath – you can find a tutorial on how to create this style here. This year however, I wanted something that would perfectly suit the front door of our new home so I made this rustic wreath that’s more bold & voluminous yet still natural & modern.

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Are you ready to get creative? Let’s make some wreaths!

How To Make A Rustic Christmas Wreath

For this wreath, you will need:

  • A natural wreath hoop (I used one made of willow branches)
  • Wintergreens of your choice
  • Decorations like pine cones, red flowers or twigs
  • Floral Wire (like this)
  • Wire Cutters
  • Optional: a ribbon/wire for hanging

1. Gather your materials and find yourself a nice big table to spread out all your greens. Start by looking through the clippings and picking out some pretty branches you’d like to use. Play around with them until you get a general idea of how you’d like the wreath to look.

2. When you’re ready to get started, grab a small little bunch of clippings and secure them with the stems down using the floral wire. Grab your next clippings and cover over the stems and floral wire of the previous greens – always working in the same direction.

3. When you get towards the bottom of the wreath, add some more volume by adding more clippings. To get that a-symmetrical look, secure some greens in opposite direction and let the branches stick out a little. Cover up the stems with some more greens and pull out some needles to cover over any exposed wire.

4. Have a look at the results – if needed, you can add some extra clippings for volume or interest until you are happy with it!

5. Optional: add some decorations! A good placement is on the inside of the wreath, a little off centre at the bottom. It creates a focal point and brings interest to the wreath – you can use anything you like from ribbons, ornaments, pine cones, dried berries or citrus fruit…get creative! In my wreath I used some red twigs and kangaroo paws flowers for a soft & natural but festive look.

Your wreath is ready to be put up! Add a beautiful ribbon for a festive feel or keep it toned down and use some natural wire to hang it. The greens do like a little moisture every now and then, so in dry weather or indoors, you can spray it with some water to keep them fresh for longer.

Also, these wreaths look beautiful throughout the winter season – simply remove any decorations that are (too) festive and enjoy it for a couple more months. When you’re ready to take it down (that’s usually spring time for me), save the wreath loop for a next project and compost the greens 🙂

Let me know if you try this and leave any tips or questions in the comment section down below ↓

Eve x

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