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Overnight Cinnamon Rolls (Vegan & Lower Sugar)

February 14, 2020

Saturday morning. Waking up isn’t my favourite part of the day (thank you dark winter days), but this morning I’m nearly leaping out of bed and making my way downstairs. I’m pretty excited about the cinnamon rolls in the fridge that I prepped the previous night! My oven gets to do all the work while I take my time to wake up. The smell of cinnamon starts filling our home. I’m brewing some delicious coffee while the rest of the house wakes up. Breakfast is served! This is what Saturday morning dreams are made of.

Okay, truth be told: it’s not this perfect in real life. But it’s pretty close to it! And that’s mostly got to do with the fact that my 1,5 year old won’t sleep in that long anymore. The rest is pretty much accurate.

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Eve’s Apple Cinnamon Rolls

December 14, 2018

I might just have the answer to perfecting your weekend. 

We love cinnamon rolls in our family. But since we have been cutting out a lot of processed sugar from our diet, regular recipes tend to be WAY too sweet for our (new) liking. So I started experimenting and found just what we needed. These rolls are somewhat of a middle road between the regular sugar laden recipes or the (too) healthy ones (that don’t really meet our cinnamon roll standards). To my surprise, I found these  better than any other ones I have made so far – and I have made my fair share! Even my husband thinks they are the best he’s ever had. Bonus.

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