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A Greener Christmas: Let’s Waste Less Food

December 20, 2018

Oh, how I love this time of year. All the food, lights, cosiness and then some more food again. 

When it comes to the Holidays, most people like to go all out, right? I think it’s amazing how people channel their inner chefs for the occasion to create a feast for their loved ones. Out come the wild birds, game, artisan cheeses and heirloom veg. Yum. 

We’ll be spending Christmas with the family and we’re all bringing something to the table – I kinda like that style of buffet, although I’ve been known to cook a seven course meal as well. There’s a time for everything; this year we’re keeping things simple so we can make the most of our precious family time.

With all this food we’re buying and preparing, there is bound to be a lot of waste as well. We don’t really like to think about that much, but I’m too often to blame for wasting food myself. It breaks my heart knowing other people are starving while I throw food out, when I haven’t cared enough or have overbought. So this Christmas I’m making an conscious effort to cut down on my food waste, and I’m sharing a few tips so you can join me!

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