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A Greener Christmas: Cloth Napkins (+ A Simple Tutorial)

November 28, 2018

A few years ago Dan and I were planning our wedding. We had a tiny budget so we had to keep costs down where we could. My mum offered to make the cloth napkins for our garden dinner party and they just looked perfect within that outdoor setting! Afterwards, they got distributed among our family and now we have a stack of them sitting in our cupboard. They come out every time we have dinner guests over.

Exchanging disposable items for reusable ones in your home makes such a difference. It’s often simpler than you think, yet it cuts down your waste for as long as you continue to use it.

One of those very simple things you can change is replacing your paper disposable napkins by cloth ones. They don’t only make your dinner table look so much more refined, they are lovelier to use and you won’t have to throw them away! Continue Reading