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Delicious Pumpkin & Sage Lentil Burgers

February 15, 2019

We love a good burger in our house. Weekends nearly always involve a burger meal with ALL the trimmings and fries or a good salad. Sometimes that burger even sneaks in on a Monday night. It happens.

So let’s talk veggie burgers. We do eat some meat, but only a couple times a week. I was looking for a simple yet super tasty burger recipe that would replace some store bought ‘veggie meat’ options we’ve been buying. Those are usually not a very wholesome meat replacement, full of things I’d rather not eat.

I had some pumpkin on hand and wanted to use it. I couldn’t really find a recipe that I was after, so I decided to try and create one myself. And boy, then turned out so yum. I think this has to be my favourite veggie burger so far.

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A Healthier Roasted Pumpkin Bread

November 15, 2018

The weather here has finally turned and it’s the perfect time for some fall baking!

So far autumn has been a little more like summer but now the cold has come in. The leaves turned colour in no time and it’s seriously the prettiest ever. Even though I have a love for all four seasons, this is by far my favourite.

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