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Easy 5-Minute Super Green Smoothie

November 19, 2018

During our Sunday night dinner Daniel and I usually take a moment to chat about the week that’s ahead. We go through our schedule and plans, making sure we keep some slots open for family time and social hangouts. Last Sunday I thought this moment would also be a good time to tell each other what we would like to get out of the coming week.  A way to be intentional about our time and maybe set a small goal for the coming days. Daniel was up for it so we’ll give this a try! I said:

“I want to make an effort to eat more greens again.”

I always find it easier eating healthy during the warmer months of the year. We naturally want to eat a bit lighter, drink lots of water and there’s lots of fresh & delicious produce available. Now that it’s getting cold out and holiday season is upon us, I find it definitely harder to stick to eating fresh food, as the sugary treats and heavier comfort meals are calling. Yet it is probably the most  Continue Reading