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A Beginners Guide To Sourdough Baking + Starting Recipe

April 17, 2020

Sourdough baking. For a long time it seemed like an illusive skill for people that appeared to have everything together in their life…It was on my list to learn for years and somehow I never got started. Until I did – and then wondered why I waited so long!

I got to really love the process of sourdough baking. There’s something so intrinsically beautiful about taking flour, water and salt and creating a delicious bread all with your own hands! There’s no pressure with it, no set schedule, no rules…It can be nearly addictive! I can bake multiple times every week or leave it for months – and pick it up whenever life is allowing me to do so.

A lot of you have requested a post about how I bake my sourdough – so here it is! I’m by no means an expert, and I won’t pretend I am one either. Rather, I’ll be sharing some simple basics, tools and resources I actively use. I’m also sharing my current go to recipe that makes a great everyday, versatile and artisan style bread!

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