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Moroccan Spiced Sweet Potato & Couscous Salad

April 5, 2019

Over the last years there has been a little bit of a battle in our house. My husband grew up and lived in England for most of his life, and he was used to quite heavy style foods. In his mind, a salad for dinner was pretty much a non existent concept. Then there was myself; I loved a simple, quick to throw together dinner using whatever fresh produce I had lying around! Whenever I made a salad for dinner, he would look at me in a way that would tell me straight away it wouldn’t be his favourite. Ha.

Well we’ve come a long way and these days, most of the times I serve up a salad Daniel mentions he would be happy eating this more often. What happened you ask? Well, I learned to make those salads yummier and more filling as time went on and he learned to appreciate the freshness & ease of a dinner salad. I think we’ve arrived 🙂

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