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Goodbye Autumn + 5 Wellbeing Tips For Winter

November 29, 2019

Oh hey there holiday season! Every year, December seems to creep up on me while I am still fully in autumn mode. And even if fall is not quite over just yet, most of the trees are now fully bare and the first frost has appeared. Winter is well on it’s way! I’d like to take a moment to share some of my favourite photos from this fall season to give it a proper send of before making way for wintergreens, twinkling lights and Christmas carols. I’m also sharing some of my personal wellbeing tips for winter – we can all use a little help to stay strong & well during those cold months right?

Fall was truly gorgeous this year – there weren’t many autumn storms around (so the leaves stayed on the tree a little longer) and the frost only came through in November. I decided to make an effort to fully take this season in – I didn’t want this fleeting beauty to slip through my fingers like it did other years.

Above, you see some of the beautiful leaves we collected – the ever changing shades are astounding to me. As my daughter recently started walking, we went for many strolls through the neighbourhood. Seeing things through the eyes of a one year old really opens your own eyes to more of the beauty around! The photos at the end of this post are from last week – the first frost arrived and it provides the perfect image of the ever changing seasons.

This is a perfect moment to share some of my personal wellbeing tips for this winter! As we all know these dark days can take a toll on our physical & mental health…but with some practical changes you can really get the most out of this season. So let’s go!

Five Wellbeing Tips For This Winter:

1. Go For A Walk With A Friend

Perfect when the sun is out for some Vit D production, but equally nice to look at the Christmas lights or step through fresh snow. One of the best ways to beat the winter blues: to go outside (the fresh air is SO good for you), do some light exercise and have a heart to heart with someone you trust – all in one go! It’s good for both body & soul.

2. Take Vit D

Talking about Vit D: it’s quite well known now that most of us have Vit D deficiency during the winter months. The sun is just not out that much (and when it does, we might not be outside exposing our skin to it). Supplementing can really help keep your immune system strong, your energy levels high and improve your mood. (Always do your own research regarding dosage and type of supplement)

3. Eat Your Daily Greens

Ha, in case you weren’t already reminded by the name of this blog! In winter it can be more challenging to get your greens in – there’s less fresh produce available and well, all the comfort food feelings! An easy way to get your greens in is by making this smoothie.

4. Don’t Set The Bar Too High

I’m not just talking about the holidays – also about january and the high expectations you might have for the new year. It’s great to set goals – but also be okay with being imperfect and not always having everything together. Winter is also a time for slowing down and reflecting.

5. Declutter

Now you might be tempted to delay this for spring time – but I found winter is the perfect time to declutter! You’re spending more time indoors, which means your direct living environment is even very important; keeping it tidy, decluttered and fresh keeps your mental energy up during the dark days.

Anything to add? Would love to hear your own tips and tricks to stay strong during the winter…Leave a comment below and enjoy this beautiful new season ahead!

Eve x

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