Why We Don’t Own A TV + Our Alternative

January 24, 2020

Our living room consists of a pretty basic set up of a comfy couch, a space for toys & books and a lovely rug. There’s no TV. It’s not hiding inside a cabinet or behind a curtain, we just don’t own one. This topic regularly comes up whenever we have guests around, and I thought it could be helpful to share about some reasons why we don’t own a TV + an alternative that works great for us!

It’s been a couple of years since we had a tv in our home. We did own one in the beginning of our married years. Even though we set out to our eat dinner at the table, more often than not we’d end up on the couch in front of the tv. Rather than making eye contact and connecting about our day, we’d be watching shows that really didn’t enrich our lives all that much. By the time we got rid of the big screen in our living room, there was more quality of conversation, a more relaxing atmosphere and better sleep.

I found that watching TV doesn’t actually add much value to my life at all, and more so, takes away from my life. So let’s start with some of those things first before sharing how we find a great solution for our home.

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5 Reasons Why We Don’t Own a Television

1. Watching TV Distracts

It distracts you from interacting with those around you and from focusing on what you were doing. The moment a tv is on, it’s pretty hard to have a decent conversation with those around you, don’t you think? It takes away & distracts from relationships, family life and your everyday responsibilities.

2. Watching TV Wastes Time & Ruins Productivity

It’s really easy to watch tv. If we’d own one, I’d probably watch it a lot and more than I would want to. If you’re not careful, it can take away a lot of your valuable time and that’s something I’m just not willing to give up. I’d rather use my time well and be productive – not having a tv in the house makes that a lot easier.

3. Watching TV Clouds Your Mind

Watching tv is a pretty passive action – but have you ever thought about all the information, advertisements, emotions and language you take into your mind while doing so? And even more seriously, all the violent and sexual imagery that you let into your brain. I’m no expert in the effects of that whatsoever, but from personal experience I have more peace, joy and rest when I don’t expose myself to a lot of the junk that’s out there.

4. A TV Isn’t Pretty

Although there is some pretty cool design tv’s out there, most TV’s are just a massive black screen in the room that draws your attention, no matter if it’s on or off. I’d rather not have a TV taking centre stage within our living room as I want it to be a space of connection & relaxation.

5. A TV Costs Money

This is by no means our main reason, but a tv itself isn’t cheap. Mostly though, the monthly cable subscription adds up, especially if you add extra channels. I’d rather invest my money into something else.

Now that we’ve got those out of the way, let’s chat about an alternative that works great for our family!

Our Television Alternative

Just because we don’t want a tv in our house, doesn’t mean we don’t like to watch the occasional show or movie! We found a great alternative solution that works so well for our family. It allows us to be in control about what we watch and be intentional about the time we spend doing so.

The Nebula Capsule Projector

We got ourselves this Nebula Capsule and simply project the image on the white wall opposite our couch. We were very surprised by both the image and sound quality of this projector, it’s like a cinema at home! It’s super tiny (the size of a soda can) so you can easily take it along to a friends house and it even doubles as a bluetooth speaker. You don’t need to install it on the ceiling or wall – it mounts right on a tripod (or just pop it on a stool) and you can pack it away in no time.

The downside of this projector is the strength of light – during daytime the image will be less clear, unless you have black out curtains 😉 But as we only really use it at night time, this is not really an issue for us. We can stream actual tv programs to it (a lot of those are free here in The Netherlands) or we use Netflix or Youtube.

Some questions that might come up.

How do you watch the news?

Well, we don’t really. We stay updated by reading the news via an app on our phone. I prefer reading the news as it’s more neutral and I can select which articles I want to know more about.

What about big sports events?

Frankly, we don’t watch too many sports, but we can easily stream those via the projector (if they would be publicly available that is) or watch on our laptop if we wanted to. Also, during those very odd times our country is doing well in the World Cup it’s a good excuse to get together with other people and watch a game.

How about kids?

As a mum, I think it’s important to limit screen time majorly. It’s a very passive ‘activity’ and those little minds don’t need all that stimulation. Not having a tv in the house encourages more creative play and makes me sharper & more engaging as a parent (there’s no easy option to put my kid in front of the tv when I’m trying to cook). I only have a 1,5 year old daughter so we’ll see how this develops over the years, but for now we’re very happy there’s no tv in our home.

Overall, I know that getting the TV out of our home has improved the quality of our lives, improved our relationships and brought more peace to our minds. In my humble opinion, those things are worth much more than being up to date with all that TV land has to offer.

x Eve

Let’s chat! Do you own a TV? Would you ever go without one? Maybe you really love your TV? Join in on the conversation & leave a comment down below!

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