Floating Bedside Tables DIY (Thrifted & Upcycled)

May 8, 2020

Guys, I’m excited about this one. If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you might know that I’m a big fan of reusing, thrifting and second hand – and today I’m sharing my latest project. I turned some old & tired little drawer tables into the most perfect floating bedside tables that pretty much look like new…I’ll be sharing the process from start to finish with step by step pictures and instructions on how I created this look and how you can make your own!

Since last summer, we’ve been busy renovating our house and garden, and we haven’t paid much attention to the finer details within our home. But as the bigger projects are slowly finishing up, I’ve turned my focus back on our living spaces. I have been looking for the right bedside tables for our master bedroom for a while. We didn’t own any as our former bedroom was quite small and there wasn’t enough space around the bed. I envisioned these simple shelf + drawers that we could hang on the wall. Floating shelfs are such a win in my eyes – there’s lots of dust that collects around a bed and I just don’t like to move furniture around much when vacuuming, haha! It makes cleaning our space so much easier and I love that simple, uncluttered look.

Finding the right pieces to fit that vision proved quite a challenge, I just couldn’t find what I was after. Until one afternoon when I walked into the thrift store and there they were: the perfect pair of bedside tables! With perfect I mean that they had potential, as they were in a pretty unloved and dated state. With a bit of imagination anyone could see straight through that! I liked how these didn’t have any knobs or extra embellishments to hopefully create that simple, modern look I was after. Ten euro’s lighter and 2 bedside tables richer, we took them home and started on transforming them into our perfect floating bedside tables.

I’m sharing the whole process from start to finish. Although you might not be able to find these exact second hand side-tables, I’m hoping to inspire you to look at old furniture in a different way and get creative to reuse and upcycle. Thrift shopping is something I’m pretty passionate about as it’s much more sustainable than buying new items. And as illustrated above, sometimes you’ll be able to find those perfect pieces that you wouldn’t have been able to find otherwise! It can save you a stack of money too while you create your own unique home.

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And hey, if you like what I’ve done here, you can make your own floating bedside tables just like these – find some tips on how to thrift the right type of drawers for your project! This would also work great for a little hallway storage, an under-sink storage and works really well in small space to create a calm and uncluttered look.

This whole project only cost around 10 euros (plus some mounting materials) and about 4 hours to finish. There’s nothing complicated or advanced about it – all you need is some simple tools and a bit of imagination to find the right piece to upcycle!

So it’s about time to get started, let’s make some pretty floating bedside tables!

DIY: Floating Bedside Tables (Thrifted & Upcycled)

What you’ll need:

  • Old bedside tables or small drawers (see below for more info on how to pick those)
  • A screwdriver or Allen key
  • A jigsaw (like this one) or table saw
  • A sanding machine (a small sander like this one works great) + sanding paper (both course + fine)
  • mounting materials

Step 1 – Take the bedside table apart (if possible) for easier sanding and sawing – my bedside tables were very simple to take apart as I only needed an Allen key. Then clean all the parts with a degreasing product (I like using this one).

Step 2 – Use a jigsaw or table saw to remove the legs. I used some glue clamps (like these) + a straight piece of wood to create a guide to saw along – this makes it easy to get a super straight line.

Step 3 – Sand the wood using a sanding machine. If there’s a layer of old paint or varnish that you’d like to remove, use a courser paper first. Finish off with a finer paper for a smooth and even result. If you’re planning to paint afterwards, you can just remove any loose paint and give it a light sand, and smooth out any dents or buds.

Step 4 (optional) – Stain or paint the wood in your desired style. Because our bedside tables are made of pine, just like our bedframe, I went opted for the bare wood look (but I might still add a protective clear layer). Make sure to let it dry properly before moving on to the next step.

Step 5 – Assemble your bedside table. If you’re using an older piece of furniture that isn’t so stable anymore, it’s a good idea to replace any old screws or use some wood glue in fragile spots.

Step 6 – Hang your bedside tables on the wall. We used two shelf brackets (I had to saw a little hole in the backside of the drawer to make them fit, but that’s totally invisible). I’m no expert on this, but I know there’s many different solutions for different situations. Do your own research as to which solution works best for the weight and your type of wall.

Thrifting Tips to Find the Right Piece of Furniture:

A quick Facebook marketplace search for ‘bedside tables’ and I’m finding lots of fun options in so many different styles to transform! Just start searching and I’m sure you’ll find the perfect pieces for your home. The next few tips might help to make the right choice:

1. Check The Structure

Look for pieces that will enable you to remove the legs without altering the structure. Bonus if they will come apart easily for thorough sanding and precise sawing. Make sure it ticks your boxes for size and storage space needed.

2. Check The Wood

Try to see through any varnish or paint layers to decide whether or not you’ll like the look of the wood. Older pine wood has often been treated with an orange shiny varnish that makes them look old fashioned and tired. A bit of sanding makes all the difference and you’ll end up with that fresh, Scandinavian style look. In this case, that worked perfectly with our bed frame that’s also made from pine wood. If you intent to fully paint a piece, the type of wood isn’t as important as long as it’s intact and sturdy. Always opt for solid wood rather than laminated!

3. Check The Weight

If you are going to mount this piece of furniture on the wall, you will want to find a light-weight option. Heavy oak drawers might not work as well in this case. This will also depend on your wall structure so do think ahead!

I hope you enjoyed this and got inspired to try these out! Leave any comments or questions down below and tag @eatyourdailygreens on Instagram if you give this a shot!

x Eve

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